Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Undergraduate Education Leadership

David B. Neely, MD, MPH
Director of Undergraduate Education
Junior Medicine Clerkship Director

David Neely, MD, MPH is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine. Like many internists, I love problem solving, scientific discovery and long-term relationships with my patients. I have enjoyed a number of educational endeavors over the past 25 years from directing ambulatory clinic to leading Firm conference to managing inpatient teams to being associate program director to directing the junior medicine clerkship. One of the highlights of my time here has been working with tremendous colleagues who challenge and inspire me and make me laugh. I am grateful that my wife, Kathy Neely is one of them.  

Michael Angarone, DO
Clerkship Director, Medicine Subinternship

Michael Angarone, DO is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases. I have the unique perspective of a general internist and an infectious disease specialist. I enjoy the complexity of the medical patient and the intellectual challenge that caring for complex patients provides. I have a clinical interest in the care of HIV infected individuals and through this I have developed lasting relationships with my patients. My true passion is aiding in the education of future physicians. One of the best aspects of my job is the interaction I have with the medical students and medicine residents.  They challenge me, inspire me and remind me that there is always more to learn.

Jennifer Bierman, MD
Clerkship Director, Primary Care Clerkship

Jennifer Bierman MD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine.  After finishing my residency my goal was to become an excellent diagnostician.  Although this is still something I strive to be, I realized that my patients appreciate me more for being their “doctor” than diagnosing their diseases.  They do want me to treat their medical conditions but more importantly they want me to listen to their stories and offer advice.  I am always amazed at how they let me into their lives.  Being someone’s doctor is the most rewarding part of being a Primary Care Physician.  This is what I want students to get a glimpse of during their PCC and/or ECMH clerkships. My hope is that students will be inspired by patients and their stories to become outstanding physicians.

Ami Desai, MD
VA Site Director, Medicine Subinternship

Ami Desai, MD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine.  She practices mostly outpatient general internal medicine but spends time on inpatient services as well.  She has a particular interest in teaching students how to balance the multiple problems of a medically complex patient including those with complex social backgrounds.  She believes the VA hospital is a special place for new clinicians to advocate for and learn from our brave veterans.  She enjoys working with students and residents as they push her to be a better doctor and person. 

Aarati Didwania, MD, MSCI
Associate Clerkship Director, Junior Medicine Clerkship
NMH Site Director, Associate Professor of Medicine

Aarati Didwania, MD, MSCI is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine. I have enjoyed developing relationships with patients over the long term and the complexity of caring for acute medical illnesses.  I enjoy working directly with students and house staff in caring for patients on the inpatient service, workings with students in small group teaching sessions as well as mentoring students and house staff. I was a college mentor. My outpatient clinical focus has been in caring for pediatric cancer survivors as the Director of the STAR program Like Dr. Neely, I love problem solving, scientific discovery and long term relationships with my patients and colleagues. I enjoy my job.

Robert Hirschtick, MD
Jesse Brown VA Site Director

Robert Hirschtick, MD has been Junior Medicine site director at VA for "a long time." He greatly enjoys working with students and is thrilled when they do well. Along with Vinky Chadha, he has dominated both student and housestaff clinical teaching awards for the past 15 years. In student group sessions, he emphasizes clinical reasoning and diagnostic problem solving. At the bedside, he focuses on patient communication and physical exam skills. He is personally offended by "sloppy and paste" which often leads to errors in medical documentation and occasionally to adverse patient outcomes. Perpetrators are sternly chastised. He has been called "old school." This is sometimes intended as a compliment.

Cynthia A. Lagone, MD
Assistant Program Director, Primary Care Clerkship

Cynthia A. Lagone, MD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine. I have worked at Northwestern since my Residency in 1989.  I have had many roles over the years including College Mentor, teaching and administrative activities. My main focus now is Primary Care. I enjoy the longevity of relationship with my patients and try to have a holistic approach when caring for them. I have been involved with the outpatient residents’ clinic since I started as an attending and have always done some form of teaching at the medical school. I truly enjoy working with the students and residents. I am always amazed at their intelligence and enthusiasm and they help to keep me up to date and informed as I try to pass on some of the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years.

Bradley Sabin, MD
Jesse Brown VA Site Director, Junior Medicine Clerkship

Bradley Sabin, MD is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine in the Division of General Medicine. I have had the unique perspective of completing medical school, internal medicine residency, and an allergy & immunology fellowship at Northwestern University. From being a student, to a trainee, to an attending this institution has consistently impressed me on its dedication to education and patient care. I currently practice both allergy & immunology and internal medicine. I enjoy clinical problem solving and learning from my patients from a medical and personal perspective. My current educational endeavors include intermittently serving as the site director for the third year medicine clerkship at the Jesse Brown VA hospital and medical students rotating through my office. I find teaching highly rewarding and often learn as much from the students as they learn from me. I have wonderful colleagues and friends at Northwestern and feel lucky that I can give back to the institution. My passion away from work is my wonderful wife and two young children who inspire me daily. 

Anna-Kate Trubilowicz, MS
Medical Education Program Coordinator

Anna-Kate Trubilowicz is the program coordinator of medical education  and works with third and fourth year medical students, coordinating their curriculum, schedules, exams, evaluations, and conferences for the junior medicine clerkship and senior medicine sub-internship. Additionally, she coordinates the Department’s events and advising program for medical students interested in internal medicine, oversees visiting students on internal nedicine electives, and organizes the annual Medicine Boot Camp for incoming interns. She attended the University of Michigan for undergrad, studying psychology and communication studies, and completed her MS in higher education administration and policy at Northwestern.