Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

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Chief Medical Residents

Drs. Eric Cantey, Sarah Chuzi, Allie Goodwin, and Anand Patel come from different backgrounds, have different clinical and research interests, but share a common role for the upcoming year: they will serve as liaisons between the residents and the Internal Medicine Residency Program leadership team.


Pictured left to right: Eric Cantey, Sarah Chuzi, Anand Patel, and Allie Goodwin

Anand Patel, MD
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Undergraduate: Northwestern University
Medical School: University of Missouri
Plans after chief year: Hematology/Oncology fellowship

Alexandra (Allie) Goodwin, MD
Hometown: Washington, DC
Undergraduate: Cornell University
Medical School: Northwestern University
Plans after chief year: Primary Care

Eric Cantey, MD
Hometown: Madison, CT
Undergraduate: Boston College
Medical School: Tufts University
Plans after chief year: Cardiology fellowship

Sarah Chuzi, MD
Hometown: McLean, VA
Undergraduate: Williams College
Medical School: Northwestern University
Plans after chief year: Cardiology fellowship

After more than two years at Northwestern, how would you describe the program?

Eric: Northwestern’s Internal Medicine residency is a very special place.  Doctor Wayne’s motto of “Nice, hardworking and smart, and smart comes last,” is exemplified by all of my colleagues each day.  For me, the highlight of each year is Whirlyball night.  In the early spring, the attendings cover our pagers and the entire residency gets a night off.  While it is rare for all of us to be off, it is a great opportunity to eat great food and play some Whirlyball. 

Allie: This may sound simple, but I feel so lucky to be at Northwestern because even on the toughest days, the program has created an environment for me to truly love my job. I genuinely admire and enjoy working with all of my co-residents, and continue to learn from them every day. Our faculty are accessible, involved, and dedicated teachers. And perhaps most important, I love working with patients across our many different clinical settings--from the VA to the MICU to Erie Clinic.

Anand: The collegial and collaborative environment fostered by Northwestern is incredible.  As a resident I've always felt well-supported by peers, faculty members and mentors.  Furthermore, senior residents and attendings make sure to take time and teach even during the busier rotations.  Outside of the hospital, my co-residents are always willing to explore Chicago and eat good food, which has made these last 2 years such a fun experience!

Sarah: The best part of Northwestern is the people. My co-residents are hilarious, brilliant, fun people that motivate and inspire me every day. Our program director Aashish is also the heart and soul of our program. He promotes a culture of openness, supportiveness, and learning that makes coming to work fun every day.

What advice do you have for internal medicine residency applicants?

Anand: The best part of applying into Internal Medicine is that there are a wealth of excellent programs throughout the country. You will be afforded the opportunity to find a program that will meet your learning style and provide strong mentorship over your time as a resident. Just as important, make sure to use your interview days to ask current residents not just about the program, but what they enjoy doing for fun!  Try to find the group of residents that you would enjoy spending time with both inside and outside of the hospital.

Allie: I would say trust your instincts. There are many great places out there, and it's all about finding the right fit. Some questions I found helpful: Did you connect with residents and faculty on your interview day? Is the program in a city /location you would like?   What kind of educational opportunities (conferences, lectures) and support (advising, focus on resident wellbeing and professional development) does the program have? Are there people graduating from the program doing things you would be interested in doing? For me, Northwestern fit the bill across the board, and was the right fit!

Eric: I believe applicants should ask themselves, “Would I want to be busy in the MICU on a Saturday night with this group of people?”  When picking a residency, it is easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details and the bells and whistles of a program that have minimal impact on a resident’s day-to-day happiness.  However, what truly impacts resident happiness is the culture of the program.  Northwestern is full of fun and brilliant people that make it truly a pleasure to come to work each day.

Why do you want to be a Chief Medical Resident?

AllieNorthwestern and its culture has been incredibly formative to me as both a medical student and resident, and I'm honored to pass that forward and to be involved in the education and professional development of the incoming residents.

Anand: My favorite part of residency has been getting a chance to teach medical students and interns.  I want to be a chief resident because I see it as a great way to further develop my skills as an educator along with getting a chance to be a mentor.

Sarah: Being a Chief is a great opportunity to work more closely with faculty and residents, and to give back to this program which has helped shape my career in so many ways.