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Department of Medicine

Chairman's Message

The Department of Medicine at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine is strongly committed to excellence in clinical education. Our goal is to provide the best academic training program in the country. This goal is achieved by providing diverse inpatient and outpatient experiences under the supervision of dedicated and highly-skilled clinician-educators who are deeply committed to teaching.

Our philosophy is that the best residency training occurs when professional responsibility and autonomy increase commensurate with demonstrated competence within a supportive environment. We have designed most elements of our program to meet the needs of physicians entering medicine in the current era. Our inpatient service provides a team-oriented approach to patient care with extensive bedside teaching coupled to a scholarly didactic curriculum. The department is proud of its faculty members’ contributions to basic science and clinical research, and residents are encouraged to undertake research projects during residency. Career guidance and mentoring begins from the outset of training, as we recognize how soon residents face the next phase of decision-making. The Northwestern residency program provides an excellent mix of patients seen in a large academic teaching hospital and a Veteran’s hospital, combined with extensive ambulatory clinics. I welcome your interest in our program and encourage you to consider Northwestern during your search for postgraduate education in internal medicine.


Pictured, left to right: John Pandolfino, MD, Chief – Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Douglas E. Vaughan, MD, Chairman – Department of Medicine; Lewis Landsberg, MD, Dean Emeritus; Angelo Costas, MD - Division of General Intermal Medicine and Geriatrics

Douglas E. Vaughan, MD

Douglas E. Vaughan, MD
Chairman, Department of Medicine