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Inpatient Education

Northwestern’s internal medicine (IM) residency program delivers its most robust form of education on the inpatient services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) and Jesse Brown Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VA). These services remain the core feature of the curriculum as they are resident-run services, have patients with extraordinary pathology and complexity and are staffed by faculty experts. The balance of resident autonomy with expert faculty support is what makes Northwestern’s IM residency program a premiere education.

NMH: Inpatient Teaching Services

NMH is a state-of-the-art, 900-bed facility that serves as a quaternary referral center. The hospital exists in one of the busiest urban areas in the country, providing exposure to both "bread and butter" medical conditions and rare pathology. Northwestern is committed to community service, dedicated to indigent healthcare and provides the second-most charity care of any private hospital in the Chicagoland area.

Resident physicians are assigned to dedicated teaching services. Each team is comprised of a single teaching attending, one PGY-2 or PGY-3 resident, two PGY-1 residents and medical students. Residents present new cases to the attending at the bedside on morning rounds. Geographic localization of patients allows for close working relationships between resident physicians, nurses, social workers and discharge planners, and our residents only care for patients on three separate, 30-bed units. This team approach to patient care is a highlight of the residency program. Structured Interdisciplinary Rounds occur daily. At this session, all members of the healthcare team meet to ensure that all healthcare providers share the same mental model and goals of care for each patient. The hospital is extremely well-staffed and run, routinely being placed in the top 20 of all hospitals in the country, allowing residents to focus on patient care and their own education.

Attending physicians are selected to teach on the inpatient medicine service based upon prior teaching evaluations and expertise in inpatient medicine. Faculty are highly invested in the teaching mission and frequently participate in faculty development sessions on everything from bedside teaching to how to give feedback. In addition to inpatient general medicine exposures, residents gain tremendous subspecialty experience and education on one-month rotations including Cardiology, Heme/Onc, Hepatology, MICU and CCU. Team structures remain the same as on the general medicine services but with a subspecialist attending.  

Jesse Brown VA

The residency program and medical school are closely affiliated with the VA, located on the west side of Chicago with free shuttle services bring residents to and from NMH. Our residency program maintains three inpatient general medicine teams that are resident-led, include interns and students and are staffed by Northwestern affiliated VA teaching attendings. Teams see a wide range of disease, high acuity and are exposed to the more expanded and integrated VA healthcare system. We share the hospital with the University of Illinois at Chicago allowing for shared education during daily morning reports and noon conferences. Approximately one-quarter of Northwestern’s IM residency experience is at the VA, and it remains an extremely popular and effective experience because of breadth of disease and very conscious appreciation to serve the veteran population.


inpt services

Residents gain tremendous experience and education on one-month inpatient subspeciality rotations.

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