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Feinberg is not a patient care destination. Our faculty members see patients through Feinberg-affiliated care sites. Learn more via our Patient Care page.

Division of Cardiology (Academic Office)

Division of Cardiology
676 N. St. Clair, Suite 600
Chicago, Illinois

Chi Huang
Phone: 312-926-8686

Joan Draves
Administrative Manager
Phone: 312-695-2458

Angela O'Donnell
Research Administrator
Phone: 312-926-7198

Heather Rice
Financial Coordinator
Phone: 312-695-7716

Vanessa Salazar
Education Coordinator
Phone: 312-695-0070

Patient Care

(Clinical Office – For Patients)
675 North St Clair, Galter Pavilion
Suite: 19-100
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Non-Feinberg Practice Phone Number: 312-NMHEART (312-664-3278)
Non-Feinberg Practice Fax Number: 312-695-5774