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Chief’s Message

The dynamic faculty of physicians, physician-scientists, and scientists in the Division of Nephrology/Hypertension of the Department of Medicine work side-by-side to provide world-class training programs and research in kidney disease, as well as provide the best medical care for patients living with kidney disease through our affiliated hospitals and care sites.

Research in the division addresses fundamental questions regarding the causes and treatment of kidney disease, including: the development of innovative approaches to save kidney and pancreatic islet cell transplants from rejection or recurrent disease (Luo, Ansari and Gallon labs), the identification of new drug targets to treat high blood pressure (Batlle lab), diabetic kidney and other kidney diseases (Chen, Quaggin and Jin labs). Investigators in Nephrology and Transplant Surgery have joined forces to ‘grow a kidney’ from stem cells (Wertheim and Quaggin labs). These projects involve many members of the NU community, as well as collaborators from across the country and the globe who share a common goal to find a cure(s) for kidney disease.

Susan Quaggin, MD
Chief, Division of Medicine-Nephrology

 Susan E Quaggin, MD

Susan Quaggin, MD