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Vasculitis Clinical Research Program

The Division of Rheumatology houses the Vasculitis Clinical Research Program, the only one of its kind in Illinois. This program, a collaboration with the Vasculitis Foundation, supports clinical and translational research into the epidemiology and treatment of vasculitis. With generous support from the Vasculitis Foundation, the program can develop into a strong research and training program that will drive advancements in the treatment of these diseases.

Amy Archer, MD, PhD, leads the program and is a future leader in the field of vasculitis research. Archer’s research focuses on the effects of inflammation on the vasculature.

Patient Care

The clinical center of the program provides comprehensive care through Northwestern Medicine care sites. Specialists in pulmonary disease, renal disease, dermatology, otolaryngology, and other disciplines are involved in diagnosis and treatment of patients with vasculitis-related conditions. Learn more about vasculitis care provided by Northwestern Medicine.

Amy Archer, MD, PhD